RB Distillery 

Drink Local!

In 2014, we were proud to add RB Distillery to Running Brook Vineyard & Winery.

Furthering our commitment to growing and producing 100% Massachusetts products, we produce our Brandy, Grappa, and flavored Liqueurs using a proprietary blend of 100% grapes straight from our vineyards.



Our Offerings

 (Since we are a micro-distillery, our offerings vary. Please call if you have questions about our current availability)

 Aguardente  Brandy

Distilled from our wines, this brandy is not aged in oak creating a clear appearance with a unique flavor reminiscent of tequila.  

RB Brandy

Aging in a Merlot barrel imparts a lovely, rich color into this smooth and flavorful brandy. 

RB Grappa

This traditional spirit is distilled from our grape skins and seeds after pressing, which is then aged in American oak.



Wonderful on their own or as a cocktail ingredient, we couldn't be more excited to introduce these. Our brandy based liqueurs are in a word - Delicious!

Common offerings include:

Canela (Cinnamon)