RB Distillery 

100% Massachusetts Grown Distillery 

In 2014, we were proud to add RB Distillery to Running Brook Vineyard & Winery.

Furthering our commitment to growing and producing 100% Massachusetts products, we produce our Brandy, Grappa, and flavored Liqueurs using a proprietary blend of 100% grapes straight from our vineyards. 

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Here is a sample of what we make

Not everything is available all the time, different flavors go in and out of stock often

 Aguardente  Brandy- 

Distilled from our wines, this brandy is not aged in oak giving it it's colorless appearance. It's flavors are unique and remind us of tequila.  

RB Brandy- 

A rich color and flavor has been imparted to this brandy, having been aged in a barrel that previously held Merlot wine.

RB Grappa - 

Distilled from our grape skins and seeds after pressing, our grappa has been aged in American oak.


Liqueurs- $29

Wonderful on their own or as a cocktail ingredient, we couldn't be more excited to introduce these. Our brandy based liqueurs are in a word delicious!

Available now-

Canela (Cinnamon)









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